investigation area

The work is being conducted on two beaches (Calis, Yaniklar) along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey near Fethiye, whereby Yaniklar beach is divided into the Yaniklar and Akgöl sections. Fethiye is a so-called Special Enviromental Protected Area (SEPA).

red marks mark camp positions in Calis

camp Calis

The camp in Calis is located near the information desk on the promenade in a small eucalyptus tree forest. A field kitchen as well as sanitary facilities are available. In most years we have been successful in arranging a free dinner invitation every evening at a different hotel. Besides public relation work at the information desk on the promenade, the main fieldwork consists of a morning and night patrol every day. On these patrols, the nests are controlled and juvenile and adult Caretta caretta turtles can be encountered. It is a good idea for the team members to briefly discuss the day’s tasks and procedures before the patrols to avoid mistakes and reduce stress for the turtles. Establishing a rotating shift schedule, controlling and measuring nests, photodocumentations, filling in the data sheets and writing protocols are part of the students’ work during the field course. The data sheets need to be filled in completely and correctly because these protocols are the basis for writing the annual report back in Austria.


public relations

Austrian and Turkish students work together to provide information for tourists at the information desk on the promenade in Calis. We distribute brochures about the situation of Caretta caretta, show films, and answer questions. Our information booth is opened daily from about 9 - 12 pm from the beginning of July to mid-September.