Hatchlings run to the sea!

Time of the hatchlings! Every night and morning we find tracks of hatchlings try to find their way to the sea. Depending on the beach, some nests are protected by cages, some nests are marked with a semicircle of stones. Why we need cages? in some areas of Fethiye nesting beaches suffers of heavy light pollution and as you may already know: hatchlings of sea turtles can get dis- and misorientated by artificial lights. They follow these lights and die of dehydration.

At Yaniklar beach we almost work without protective cages, but mark nests with semicircles made of stones. On this beach we count tracks of hatchlings in the early morning hours. But sometimes we also find hatchlings stuck inbetween big cobbles - without our help these hatchlings wouldn t survive.

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